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Thank you for checking out Calvary Baptist School!

Nurturing, whole-child, early education and development with a Biblical foundation for over 40 years!

For over four decades, Calvary Baptist School has nurtured and enlightened children through our religious-based education framework. Our students are able to not only learn about the Bible but also benefit from a holistic approach that emphasizes development in all aspects of life. We welcome pupils of any denomination or background – so no matter your beliefs, come see how we can help shape tomorrow's generation!​

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School office phone: 412-461-6211

School email:

"Friendly, good communication, easy pick-up, fun activities for kids & learning skills, fun parties & celebrations!"

- Explorers Parent, 2022-23

Sessions & A Day in the Life Of

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A day in the life of Pre-K:

  • Seat work: Print lower- and upper-case letters, numbers, print their name,

  • Circle time: recite the Lord’s prayer, pledge the flag, sing “God Bless America”

  • Calendar check: days of the week, months

  • Chart the weather

  • Reinforce colors & shapes

  • Play math games

  • Begin learning letter sounds

"We love the school! The teachers and staff genuinely love the children & take such good care of them. You all gave my child a love for learning & school by providing her with such a great foundational first 2 years. That's priceless. And you can tell you've been doing this for a while because everything is run like a fine-tuned machine. Lastly, I love that it is faith based."

- Pre-K Parent, 2022-23

Our Beliefs

At Calvary Baptist School, we believe in creating a nurturing environment that encourages every child to reach their full potential. Our caring teachers work together with God's direction and support each student as they learn vital academic skills while also making wise choices grounded in faith.

We offer unique activities tailored specifically for developmentally appropriate education – allowing your little one to grow socially, mentally and spiritually. Every child is treasured by us here at Calvary Baptist; our goal is providing them all the tools needed so they can thrive now and later on when it comes time for kindergarten!

"Very kind and loving teach staff! My son loves being here. I'm so sad he has to leave. Add a 2 yr old program! WE LOVE CALVARY!!"

- Pre-K Parent, 2022-23

Our Goals

J O I N   U S !

9:15 AM Sunday school

10:30 AM Worship service


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  • ​Spiritual: To introduce an understanding of who God is and His love for us through Jesus.

  • Physical: To present opportunities to develop small and large motor skills.

  • Cognitive: To foster enthusiasm for learning through age-appropriate activities and curriculum, taught by positive and encouraging teachers. 

  • Social & Emotional: To cushion the transition between home & school; to encourage appropriate interaction & behavior. We're dedicated to providing a positive environment for all our age groups!

  • Language: To assist children in expressing their needs, questions, feelings, and ideas verbally through conversation and stories. This fosters a more profound comprehension of their own emotions and those others express.

  • Life Skills: From proper nutrition to hygiene, it's never too early for kids to start learning vital life skills. Equip them with the knowledge and confidence necessary for lifelong personal independence!

  • Special Needs: To provide services that meet the whole child where the need exists. Dart Early Intervention Services are available for preschool children. 

  • Arts & Crafts: We nurture your child's creative expression with a range of arts and crafts activities that will develop their small muscle skills. From painting, drawing, cutting and pasting to playdoh modelling – let them explore the wonders of creativity! Puzzles and building sets are also a great way for kids to test out different problem-solving strategies in a fun environment.

  • Music: Singing allows for an interactive, social experience that creates lasting memories. Learning age-appropriate songs is a great way to foster creativity and build confidence in children.

  • Kindergarten Readiness: Give your child the best possible start: get them ready for a successful transition to kindergarten! Guiding your little one through this exciting milestone can give them the confidence and skills they need to excel in their learning journey.

Pre-K Parent, 2022-23

"We love the staff and the safe environment. Our child enjoys every minute of school and adores his teachers."

Begindergarten Parent, 2022-23

"I love the communication between the teacher and myself and the willingness to work together if a problem arises. I love how much the teachers care for the students and work with with them to keep them engaged in learning."

Pre-K Parent, 2022-23

"Our children's teachers have always kept us well informed about our kids and regularly sends us pictures. Everyone is so kind and compassionate - you can tell everyone loves what they do!
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